Our Mission

At Achaemenid, we strive to embody the spirit of innovation and collaboration in everything we do, with the end goal of making an impact on people's lives. Our products are designed in an intuitive and purposeful manner, with the end-user in mind. We ensure that we are setting ourselves apart from other options available in the industry, by collaborating with world-class academic and industry partners to validate our technology and continue with innovative ideas.

My purpose in life is to leave a legacy of helping others

Dr. Reza Radmand, Founder and Lead Innovator


Our Process

With the end-user in mind, we have designed multiple unique products that aim to advance patient and consumer outcomes, compliance, and ease of use.

Our product development follows four phases beyond idea realization and patent filing for intellectual property.

Phase 1

CAD Designing of the Concept

Phase 2

R&D Prototyping

Phase 3

Material Selection and Manufacturing

Phase 4

Market Readiness and Commercial Assessment