Our company name and philosophy are inspired by the Achaemenid Empire, founded in the sixth century BC.  One of the largest empires in the history of the world, the Achaemenid Empire is renowned for its progressive governing system introduced by Cyrus the Great.

Under his leadership, the Empire introduced the liberal concept of allowing diverse geographic and demographic populations within the Empire to maintain their unique identity, culture, and traditions.


Our founder has devoted his entire career to the field of medicine. Beginning his medical journey as a dentist and gradually building experience, Dr. Radmand has gained a wealth of diverse knowledge that gives him insight into bettering the lives of those around him. It was this long and diverse journey, similar to Persia’s Achaemenid Empire, that has allowed him and our company to be successful. Our founder took this inspiration from his admiration of the Achaemenid Empire and wishes to introduce the successful ideals of that empire into a 21st-century company. The Achaemenid name was adopted by our company as an ode to our founder’s Persian heritage.