Transforming physiological monitoring, diagnostics, and therapeutics with patient-centric wireless wearable intra oral biosensors.

RADx White Night™ and RADx White Night-p™

Intraoral Devices For Snoring And Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Intended to reduce or alleviate snoring, mild to moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) while sleeping in adults.

FDA CLEARED  [510(k) Number: K230532]

  • Custom oral sleep appliance with proprietary anatomical rotational hinged attachments, similar to shoulder or hip joints. The rotational joints provide a wider range of motion, minimizing appliance failure. White Night™ has replaceable progressive arms for advancement of the mandible, in 0.5mm increments.


(Functional prototype)

  • Our wireless rechargeable biosensor can provide continuous physiological data and accurate compliance validation to the patient as well as their healthcare provider.  iNOS biosensor is hermetically sealed inside our custom oral sleep appliance

Intra oral wireless physiological data collection. Oxygen saturation, heart rate, 6-axis motion detector

  • iNOS intra oral biosensor may be used as a monitoring or diagnostic device, to measure the therapeutic efficacy of custom oral sleep appliance


iNOS Technilogies, a subsidiary of Achaemenid Innovations, a Boston based medical device company has developed a multi-biosensor intraoral device to capture nightly (or daytime) physiological data. 

In collaboration with world renowned sleep physiologists and scientists, a first of its kind pilot clinical study was performed with iNOS’s biosensor  prototype to obtain oximetry information from intraoral soft tissue.

The study results will be presented at the World Sleep Congress in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, October 2023.


(Functional prototype design)

  • Removeable oral appliance with wireless conductive electrodes and a microprocessor that collects brain wave activities through the upper jaw soft tissue.
  • The appliance is stabilized over the dentition of the upper jaw and may be used in a variety of applications such as sleep medicine, athletics and personal recreation


  • Prototype for a non-invasive intra oral device to stimulate the tongue muscle during episodes of obstructive sleep apnea when the tongue is relaxed and may shift to obstruct the airway in the back of the throat (commercial version will be wireless, sealed, and self-contained within the body of the oral appliance)
  • The mild and short stimulation enables the tongue to contract and shift away from an obstructed airway
  • The accompanying biosensors detect physiological changes moments before obstructive apnea occurs and initiate the stimulation of the genioglossus (tongue) muscle to mitigate closure of the airway